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There are several saints named Nicodemus or Nikodemus, Nikodim, Nicodim:

There are also hierarchs named Nicodemus:

  • Nicodemus, Metropolitan of Athens (1371-?)
  • Nikodim (Milas), Bishop of Dalmatia and Istija; Serbian (1845-1915)
  • Nikodim (Rotov), Metropolitan of Leningrad
  • Nicodim (Munteanu) of Romania, Patriarch of Romania (1939-1948)
  • Nicodim, Bishop of Srverin and Strehaia
  • Nikodemos, Metropolitan of Kassandreia
  • Nikodemos, Archbishop of Australia
  • Nikodemos (Anagnostou), Metropolitan of Ierissos, Agion Oros, and Ardamerion (b. 1931)
  • Nikodemos (Valindras), Metropolitan of Patrai
  • Nikodim, Archbishop of Niš
  • Nikodim II, Patriarch of Serbia (1446-1453)
  • Nikodimos, Patriarch of Jerusalem