Nicholas II Chrysoberges of Constantinople

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Our father among the saints Nicholas II Chrysoberges of Constantinople (Greek: Νικόλαος ὁ Χρυσοβέργης) was the Patriarch of Constantinople from 984 to 996. He is commemorated on December 16.


Little is known of the life of Nicholas II. Nicholas became patriarch after the forced resignation of Patr. Anthony III. Patr. Nicholas was patriarch during the reign of emperor Basil II whose negotiations with Prince Vladimir of Kiev brought Orthodox Christianity to the Lands of Rus'. He is remembered principally for sending, in 989, Michael the Syrian to Kiev as the first Metropolitan of Kiev at the invitation of Grand Prince Vladimir of Kiev. This occurred after the Baptism of Rus' in 988.

In 980, Patr. Nicholas received a slate bearing a verse of the matins hymn that had been recorded by a monk who reported it had been sung by an angel. The angel was believed to have been the Archangel Gabriel who appeared in the guise of a monk to the disciple of a monk at the Monastery of the Pantocrator at Mount Athos. The hymn Axion Estin, It is Truly Meet, is still sung in Orthodox services.[1]

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Nicholas II Chrysoberges of Constantinople
Preceded by:
Anthony III the Studite
Patriarch of Constantinople
Succeeded by:
Sisinnius II
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