Nicholas (Karpov) of London

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Bishop Nicholas (born Ivan Ilyich Karpov, Иван Ильич Карпов, ca. 1890 - October 11, 1932, Belgrade) was bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia, the Bishop of London, the vicar of the Western European Diocese.


He was born in 1890 or 1891 in Siberia.

In 1913, he graduated from Tobolsk Theological Seminary and entered the Moscow Theological Academy.

While studying in the first year of the Academy, he was tonsured a monk on November 16, 1913 by the rector of the Academy, Bishop Theodore (Pozdeevsky) of Volokolamsk.

After graduating from the Academy in 1915 with a degree Candidate of Theology, he became a spiritual teacher in the schools and a preacher in the convent of Oboyan in Kursk diocese.

In 1916 he took part in the glorification of St. John of Tobolsk, which is especially honored later.

After the Revolution he emigrated and leve in Serbia. He served in the Serbian parishes, and then was a teacher Bitol Theological Seminary, where he enjoyed a great love for all staff and students.

In 1928, with the rank of Archimandrite was appointed rector of Assumption parish in London, while the church torn turmoil. His piety, he quickly won the sympathy of the congregation, and made peace in parish life.

June 30, 1929 he had his consecration as Bishop of London, the vicar of the Diocese of Western European. For the consecration arrived from Serbia Metropolitan of Kiev Anthony (Khrapovitsky), Archbishop Seraphim (Lukyanov) of Western Europe and Theophanes (Gavrilov) of Kursk, Bishop Tikhon (Liaschenko) of Berlin and a number of priests. He became the first orthodox bishop ordained in England after the great schism of XI century.

He died on October 11 (September 28 by old style), 1932 in Belgrade, where he arrived to attend the Council of Bishops. He was buried in Belgrade New Cemetery on the wall of the chapel at the Iberian icon of St. Nicholas of Myra.