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Our father among the [[saints]] '''Michael of Kiev''' ('''Mikhail I''') was the first [[Metropolitan]] of Kiev, from the year 988 to 991.  He is commemorated by the Church on [[September 30]], and on [[June 15]] the day of his repose.
Saint Michael arrived at Korsun in the year 989 with other clergy, not long after [[Vladimir of Kiev|Prince Vladimir's]] [[Baptism]]. He may have been Bulgarian, Serbian, or Syrian by birth.
Being the first metropolitan of the [[Church of Russia|Russian  Church]], he traveled the newly-enlightened Russian lands, preaching the Holy Gospel, baptizing and teaching the newly-illumined people. He started the first churches and religious schools.
St Michael died in the year 992 and was buried in Kiev. In about the year 1103, his [[relics]] were transferred to the Antoniev Cave, and on [[October 1]], 1730 into the Great Church of the Caves.
[[Troparion]]  ([[Tone]] 4)  [http://oca.org/FStropars.asp?SID=13&ID=102820]
:The prophecy of the first-called apostle has been fulfilled today:
:Grace has illumined the hills of Kiev and the faith is increased.
:Those who were not a people
:Are now the people of God, a holy nation,
:A flock of Christ of which you, O Michael, are first shepherd,
:And you serve it by bringing baptism.
:O Hierarch, standing before God pray that all may be saved!
[[Kontakion]] (Tone 2)
:You appeared as a second Moses,
:Bringing the vine from Egyptian idolatry into the land of promise.
:You said of it: Faith shall be established in this land,
:And fruit to nourish the world shall flourish on the summits of Kiev,
:More than on the heights of Lebanon.
:Having this harvest we bless you, O Hierarch Michael!
*[http://ocafs.oca.org/FeastSaintsViewer.asp?SID=4&ID=1&FSID=102820 St Michael the first Metropolitan of Kiev] – [[OCA]] Web site.
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