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Holy Metropolis of Singapore
Jurisdiction Constantinople
Diocese type Metropolis
Founded 2008
Current bishop vacant
See(s) Singapore
Headquarters Singapore
Territory Singapore, India, Indonesia, other nearby countries
Liturgical language(s) English, Greek, other native languages
Musical tradition Byzantine Chant
Calendar Revised Julian
Population estimate unknown
Official website unknown

The Holy Metropolis of Singapore, headquartered in Singapore, is an eparchy of the Church of Constantinople. Currently vacant, this see was established in January 2008 to encompass Singapore, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Maldives Islands, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka.


On January 9, 2008, the Holy Synod of the Church of Constantinople decided to divide the western part of the Orthodox Metropolitanate of Hong Kong and Southeast Asia from the eastern part, thus forming the Holy Metropolis of Singapore which extends further west to encompass South Asia. As yet, the metropolis has not had a bishop elected to lead it.

The Episcopacy

This see is currently vacant.

Rev. Chrysostomos Manalu is a graduate of the Aristotle University, Thessaloniki, Greece (1995). Fr. Chrysostomos has taken many underprivileged children under his care as more and more of the Indonesian people sink into poverty. He provides them with room and board, food and schooling. A women medical center, Theological school (St. Paul Theological School) and a boarding house are also in the works in order to better serve the needs of the area.

Orthodox parish in Medan: St. Demetrios Orthodox church, Jl. Kapiten Purba, Simalingkar, Medan , Indonesia. Tel: 62-61-8368747

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