Metropolis of Florina, Prespai, and Eordaia

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The Metropolis of Florina, Prespai, and Eordaia is one of the metropolises of the New Lands in Greece that are within the jurisdiction of the Church of Constantinople but de facto are administered for practical reasons as part of the Church of Greece under an agreement between the churches of Athens and Constantinople.

Historical Appellations of the Metropolis


His Eminence Metropolitan Theoklitos (Passalis) of Florina has been the ruling bishop since 2000.

Former hierarchs

Monasteries in the metropolis

For men

  • Monastery of the Assumption Kladorrachis Florina Founded 1770
  • Monastery of Agia Paraskevi Milochoriou Eordaia Founded 1966
  • Monastery of St. Gregory Palamas Founded 2004
  • Monastery of Agios Kosmas Ardassis Aetolians Founded 2004

For women

  • Monastery of St. Mark, First of Florina Founded 1864
  • Monastery of St. Augustine of Florina Founded 1999
  • Monastery of Ss. Panteleimon and Evvoulis Founded 2004


  • (Greek)
Florina, Prespai and Eordaia. Church of Greece.
  • (Greek)
ec-patr: Florina, Prespes and Eordea Mr. Theoklitos. Ecumenical Patriarchate.
  • (Greek)