Metropolis of Eleftheroupolis

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The Metropolis of Eleftheroupolis is part of the Church of Greece. It is still unknown when this Metropolis was founded but in an 1886 by Stylianos Mertzidis their is a reference to an 8th-century episcopal throne. Another citation is made in the Vatican library (I.D. Mansi Sanctorum Conciliorum nova et amblissima collection, Vol. XVIIA pp. 373-3760), which has information that under the Patriarch Photios, in the year 879 AD, the Metropolitan of Eleftheroupolis was Theodoros and he participated in the 8th Ecumenical Council which was held in Constantinople.

Metropolitan of Eleftheroupolis

The current metropolitan is His Eminance Chrysostomos (Avagiannos) who was born 1947 at Mesagron, on the island of Lesvos. He was ordained Bishop of Eleftheroupolis on April 26, 2004.

List of previous Bishops

  1. Theodoros (879)
  2. George (11th century)
  3. Nikandros (1351)
  4. Sophronios I (1580)
  5. Damianos (1615)
  6. Parthenios (1624)
  7. Gerasimos (21/1/1766-Sep. 1787)
  8. Timothy (Sep. 1787- Aug. 1790)
  9. Paisios (Feb. 1808 – Jan. 1814)
  10. Joseph (Zambelis) (8/1/1814 – Aug. 1826)

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