Metropolis of Aitolia and Akarnania

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The Metropolis of Aitolia and Acarnania ((Gr: Αιτωλοακαρνανία, also Aitoloakarnania) is under the jurisdiction of the Church of Greece. It is located in the western part of Greece; the prefecture is a combination of the regions of Aetolia and Acarnania.


His Eminence Metropolitan Kosmas (Papachristos) of Aitolia and Akarnania was born in 1945 in Skoutesiada of Agrinios.


  1. Agrinio
  2. Aitoliko
  3. Alyzia
  4. Amfilochia
  5. Anaktorio
  6. Angelokastro
  7. Antirrio
  8. Apodotia
  9. Arakynthos
  10. Astakos
  11. Chalkeia
  12. Fyteies
  13. Inachos
  14. Kekropia
  15. Makryneia
  16. Medeon
  17. Menidi
  18. Messolonghi also
  19. Iera Polis Messolonghi
  20. Naupactus
  21. Neapoli
  22. Oiniades
  23. Panaitoliko
  24. Parakampylia
  25. Paravola
  26. Platanos
  27. Pyllini
  28. Stratos
  29. Thermo
  30. Thestieis


For monks:

  1. The Holy Monastery of St. Eleousa, in Messolongi
  2. The Holy Monastery of the Presentation of the Virgin Mary, in Myrtia
  3. The Holy Monastery of the Birth of the Theotokos, in Retha
  4. The Holy Monastery of St. George, in Astakos
  5. The Holy Monastery of the Birth of the Theotokos, in Romvos

For nuns:

  1. Holy Monastery of the Birth of the Theotokos in Katerinous
  2. Birth of Theotokos in Ligovitsi
  3. Saint Symeon in Messolongi
  4. Pantokrator (Almighty) in Aggelokastro
  5. The Holy Monastery of St. Kosmas the Aitolian - (Building is in construction)


  • Drosinio Orphanage
  • Sevilion Home for the Aged



  • Kosmas o Etolos (St. Kosmas from Etolia) monthly periodical

Local Saints