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His All-Holiness Metrophanes II was the Patriarch of Constantinople in the mid fifteenth century between 1440 and 1443. Supporting Emperor John VIII, he favored union of the Eastern Church with the Pope of Rome at the Council of Florence.

Little is known of the early life of Metrophanes. He was the Bishop of Cyzicus in Asia Minor when he was called in 1439 to be a member of Emperor John VIII's delegation to the Council of Florence. After the death of Patr. Joseph II during the council, Emperor John appointed Metrophanes to the see of Constantinople as Metrophanes II. Obedient to the emperor, he submitted to papal authority at the council in Emperor John's quest for help from the West against Ottoman Turk aggression.

Patr. Metrophanes was given the nick-name of Mitrofonos, 'mother killer', for his submission to the call for union by his signing the minutes of the council. Mark of Ephesus was the only non-signer among the bishops of the East who attended the council. Metrophanes was later deposed following a popular uprising. He then fled to Rome. He died on August 1, 1443.

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Metrophanes II of Constantinople
Preceded by:
Bishop of Cyzicus
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Joseph II
Patriarch of Constantinople
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Gregory III Mammas
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