May 13

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The Venerable Hagioritic Monk-Martyrs under Patriarch John XI Bekkos the Latinophile (†13th c).

Virgin-Martyr Glyceria at Heraclea, Propontis (ca.138-161); Martyr Laodicius, jailer of Saint Glyceria (ca.138-161) Saint Theoctistus, monk from Tekoa, Palestine; Saint Pausicacius, Bishop of Synnada (606); Saint Nicephoros, Presbyter of the monastery of Ephapsios; Saint Sergius (George) the Confessor of Constantinople, with his wife Irene and children (ca.829-842); Saint Euthymius the New (the Illuminator) (1028), founder of Iveron Monastery, and his fellow Georgian saints of Mount Athos: his father monk-martyr John of Iveron (998), his cousin monk-martyr George of Iveron (1065), and monk-martyr Gabriel of Iveron who took the Holy Icon "Portaitissa" from the sea (10th c.); Saint Abban of Ireland, baptized in 165 AD, missionary in Abingdon, Oxfordshire (2nd c.); Martyr Alexander of Rome (284-305); Saint Valerian of Auxerre, third Bishop of Auxerre, and defender of Orthodoxy against Arianism (350); Saint Onesimus of Gaul, fifth Bishop of Soissons in France (361); Saint Servatius, Bishop of Tongres, defender against Arianism in the Netherlands (384); Saint Agnes of Poitiers, chosen by St. Radegund to be Abbess of Holy Cross at Poitiers in France (588); Saint Mael (Mahel), Ascetic on the Isle of Bardsey (6th c.); Saint Natalis (Natale), Bishop of Milan in Italy (751); Saint Anno (Hanno, Annon), Bishop of Verona in Italy (780); Saint Merwenna of Rumsey (Merwinna, Merewenna), first Abbess of Rumsey convent, in Hampshire (ca.970); Blessed Fortis Gabrielli, Ascetic (1040); Venerable monk-martyrs of Iveron Monastery, martyred by the Latins (1259, or 1276-1280); Repose of Saint Macarius, Abbot of Glushitsa Monastery, Vologda (1480); Righteous Virgin Glyceria of Novgorod (1522); New Hieromartyrs Basil, Alexander and Christopher, Hieromartyr Macarius and Martyr Sergius (1922); 103 New Hieromartyrs of Cherkassk (Cherkas') (20th c.); Other Commemorations: Consecration of the Monastery of Panagia Pantanassa (Most-Holy Queen of All), on the small island of Hagia Glykeria (Incirli Adasi) in the Bay of Tuzla (12th c.); Translation of the relics (1688) of Hieromartyr Saint Macarius, Archimandrite of Ovruch and Pinsk, from Kaniv to Pereyaslavl (1678); Repose of righteous Priest Alexis of Bortsurmany, disciple of St. Seraphim of Sarov (1848); Repose of Rassophore Monk John, of St. Nilus of Sora Monastery (1863); Repose of Eldress Sepfora of Klykovo (1997).