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Our father among the saints Maximus of Kiev and all Rus (Russian: Максим; Maksim) was the last Metropolitan of Kiev and All Rus to reside in the city of Kiev following its destruction by the Tatars. He moved his cathedra to Vladimir-on-Kliazma in 1299. His feast day is December 6.


Maximus was a Greek by birth who was appointed Metropolitan of Kiev during times Rus' was suffering under the Tatar (Mongol) Yoke. He arrived in Kiev in 1283 to lead the church after the cathedra had been vacant since 1281. When hostilities began between Tokhta of the Golden Horde and Nogai of the Polovtsy, Maximus moved his see successively to Bryansk and then Suzdal.

Among his ecclesiastical trips, he visited the Ratsk Monastery in Volynia where he met theigumen Peter who would succeed him as metropolitan. During these troubled times the throne of the Great Prince of the Rus was moved to Vladimir, then Pereslavl, and on to Tver. In 1295, Metr. Maximus deposed Bishop Jacob from his cathedra in Vladimir and installed Bp. Simon. In 1299, transferred his see to Vladimir while retaining his title of Metropolitan of Kiev.

In 1300, Metr. Maximus installed St. Theoctistus as the Bishop of Novgorod. In 1301, he journeyed to Constantinople for a patriarchal council where he laid out the needs of the church in Russia to be resolved by the Council.

Concerned with the division among the princes of the Rus, Maximus urged Yuri Danilovich of Moscow to make peace with Mikhail Yaroslavich of Tver. He also urged Yuri to visit the Golden Horde to receive the rights of Grand Prince among the Russian princes. However, Mikhail reached the Golden Horde first. In 1304, Maximus installed Mikhail on the princely throne of Vladimir.

Concerned with the spiritual life and growth of his flock, Metr. Maximus provided guidance and established rules concerning fasting during the Paschal season and the Apostles, Dormition, and Nativity lenten periods. He also stressed the importance of marriage within the Church.

Metr. Maximus reposed on December 6, 1305. He was buried in the Uspensky Cathedral in Vladimir. Over his grave was placed a covering on which was inscribed, Maximus the Greek ordained in the year 6791 in the existence of the world and having come to Kiev in the year 1283 after the birth of Christ, because of his sharing in the Tatar onslaught he resettled from Kiev to the Great Russian city of Vladimir: Maximus shepherded the Church of Christ for 23 years, and he reposed in the year 6813.

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