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[[Category:Patriarchs of Constantinople]]
[[Category:Patriarchs of Constantinople]]
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[[Category:Theological School of Halki Graduates]]

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File:Maximos V.jpg
Ecumenical Patriarch Maximus V

His All-Holiness Maximus V (1897-1948), the 267th Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople from 1946-1948, was born in Sinope of Pontus, where he first began his education. He continued his academics at the Theological School of Halki under the protection of Metropolitan Germanos Karavaggelis of Amaseia. He was ordained into the diaconate in 1918 and appointed a teacher in the City School of Theira. He served as the Archdeacon of metropolitans Gregorios of Chalcedon and Joachim of Ephesus, before becoming a deacon in the Ecumenical Patriarchate in 1920. He then served in various positions on the Board of the Halki School, including secretary, codewriter, subsecretary, and archsecretary before being ordained a presbyter and archimandrite on 1 January 1928. He later became Metropolitan of Philadelphia in February of 1930 before ascending to the Patriarchal throne in 1946.

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Maximus V of Constantinople
Preceded by:
Benjamin I
Patriarch of Constantinople
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Athenagoras I
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