Martyrius of Jerusalem

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Martyrius of Jerusalem was the Patriarch of Jerusalem from 478 to 486. He is credited with founding the Monastery of Martyrius along the road from Jericho to Jerusalem in Palestine.

Martyrius was born in Cappadocia during the first half of the fifth century. In 457, he joined the Monastery of Euthymius which was east of Jerusalem. Looking for an ascetic and hermetic life, Martyrius left the crowded monastery and established himself in a cave nearby. After entering the Holy Orders, Martyrius served as a priest of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem. He became Patriarch of Jerusalem in 478 and served until 486. It was probably during his term as patriarch that Martyrius built the Monastery of Martyrius in the Judean hills east of Jerusalem.

Martyrius reposed on April 13, 486.

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Martyrius of Jerusalem
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