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before=[[Judas of Jerusalem|Judas]]|
before=[[Judas of Jerusalem|Judas]]|
title=Bishop of Jerusalem<br>Aelia Capitolina|
title=[[List of Patriarchs of Jerusalem|Bishop of Jerusalem]]<br>Aelia Capitolina|

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Mark of Jerusalem, also Marcus, was Bishop of Jerusalem during the second century. He was elected bishop after the Romans had destroyed Jerusalem and prohibited Jews from living in the re-named Aelia Capitolina. He was the first non-Jew to be Bishop of Jerusalem (Aelia Capitolina).


The first fifteen bishops of Jerusalem, beginning with the Apostle James and his brother Apostle Symeon, were from the Jewish nation. After the second Jewish rebellion of 134, during which the Romans destroyed the city of Jerusalem, all Jews were forbidden to enter the city now named Aelia Capitolina. As only gentiles could live in Aelia Capitolina the Christian faithful elected Mark, a Gentile, their bishop.

A learned and holy man, Mark remained the bishop for over twenty years and is said to have died a martyr in 156.

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