Macedonian Orthodox Diocese of America and Canada

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Macedonian Orthodox Diocese of America and Canada
Jurisdiction Macedonian Orthodox Church
Diocese type Diocese
Founded 1967
Current bishop Metr. Metodij
See(s) Toronto, ON
Headquarters Toronto, ON
Territory North America
Liturgical language(s) Macedonian, Slavonic
Musical tradition Byzantine Chant
Calendar Julian
Population estimate unknown
Official website Eparchy of America and Canada

The Macedonian Orthodox Diocese of America and Canada is a diocese of the autocephalous Macedonian Orthodox Church. It is currently led by Metropolitan Methodius (Zlatanov) of Toronto and has jurisdiction over the parishes and monastic communities of the Macedonian Orthodox Church in the United States and Canada.


Macedonians have been immigrating to North America for over a century, but distinctly Macedonian Orthodox parishes were not founded outside the jurisdiction of the Church of Bulgaria until the 1960s, when the establishment in Yugoslavia of the Macedonian Orthodox Church prompted Macedonians in the United States and Canada to begin organizing parishes under the jurisdiction of the newly independent church. The Diocese of America and Canada was founded at the third All-Macedonian Council held in Ochrid, Yugoslavia, in 1967, after which the Macedonian Orthodox Holy Synod elected Metropolitan Cyril of Toronto as ruling hierarch of the new diocese.

After 1987 the Diocese passed back and forth between various administrators and the oversight of Archbishop Stephen of Ochrid, first hierarch of the Macedonian Orthodox Church. In April 2006 Bishop Methodius of Velika was appointed diocesan administrator, later in the year being elected Metropolitan of America and Canada and enthroned on September 2, 2006 in Toronto's Cathedral of St. Clement of Ochrid.

Diocese today

The Diocese of America and Canada today consists of 19 parishes and two monastic communities in the United States as well as nine parishes and one monastic community in Canada. Its diocesan seat is in Toronto, Ontario.


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