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  • Horologion
  • Triodion - liturgical book of the Pre-Lenten and Lenten seasons (Great Fast), as well as Great Week
  • Pentecostarion - liturgical book of the Paschal season
  • Hieratikon
  • Archieratikon
  • Euchologion
  • Evangelion
  • Apostolos
  • Prophetologion
  • Psalter
  • Octoechos (or Parakletike)
  • Menaia
  • Typikon


A Typikon (also spelled as Typicon) is the "book of directives and rubrics, which regulate the order of the divine services for each day of the year. It presupposes the existence of other liturgical books which contain the fixed and variable parts of these services. In the strict monastic sense, the Typikon of the monastery includes both the rule of life of the community as well as the rule of prayer." [1]

Other liturgical books

  • Sinekdimos or "companion"
  • The Holy and Great Week

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