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Below is an incomplete list of sites that offer individual opinions and thoughts on Orthodoxy. Many of the following individuals have formed something of an intertextual community, and you are likely to find them linking to many other Orthodox sites or blogs, and many interesting non-Orthodox ones as well.


Individual blogs


Internet forums are a place for discussion. They allow users to make a "post" about a topic and others to respond.




  • Hesychasm forum forum in Russian is moderately active, forum in English is inactive

Electronic mailing lists

An electronic mailing lists allows list members to dialog via email. Sometimes the contents of these emails are archived for public view and other times they are not. List members generally have the option to receive the messages one-at-a-time or in a "daily digest" that includes all of the messages for a given time period.

  • The Indiana list is one of the oldest and is known for its conservative leanings and feisty discussion.
  • OCNet - The Orthodox Christian Network. Orthodox discussion forums available as mailing lists, BBS conferences, newsgroups etc.

Yahoo! Groups

In order to join many of these groups they require approval from a Yahoo! member who is the moderator of the group. Yahoo! membership, however, is not a requirement.

  • Orthodox Converts - For discussion between people who have converted to Orthodox Christianity or are interested in Orthodoxy. Cradle Orthodox and Clergy are invited to join to offer advice to those members who are young in the faith.
  • Orthodox Forum
  • Orthodox Jurisdictions
  • Orthodox Readers
  • Orthodox Re-Forum
  • Orthodox Tradition
  • Orthodox Without My Spouse - A support group for Orthodox Christians married to someone who isn't.
  • Normal Orthodox
  • Typikon - A discussion list intended for all kinds of discussion and enquiries regarding the Typikon (its liturgical practice and music, and ramifications thereof) of the canonical Orthodox Church.
  • Ustav - "Ustav" facilitates email discussion, questions, commentary and teaching concerning the traditional Orthodox Christian typicon and music. The Russian word "ustav" means typicon, and indicates that discussion will be slanted towards the Russian Orthodox typicon and music, as practiced in the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, but all other traditional usages may also be discussed.
  • Western Rite Orthodoxy - "The congregations of the Western Rite Vicariate of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America proclaim the fullness of the Orthodox Faith while worshipping according to the historic Western Catholic Rites of Rome and England."
  • Orthodox Synod (ROCOR)
  • The Holy Bible Web Site Channel - This is a Coptic Orthodox discussion list with ecumenical vision and outreach (Main languages: English and Arabic).


  • Orthodox-Clergy - The Orthodox-Clergy email list is open to bishops, priests and deacons of all SCOBA jurisdictions, parishes of the Patriarchate of Constantinople, the Patriarchate of Jerusalem, the Moscow Patriarchate and the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia.
  • OCA-Clergy - This list is only open to priests and deacons of the Orthodox Church in America


Newsgroups are usually found within the Usenet system and generally require newsreader software to interact with them. However, Google Groups provides a web interface.

Social networks

There are sites for developing friendships with Orthodox Christians.

  • - "OrthodoxCircle is a free online community portal designed for Orthodox Christians! It provides fun and easy to use tools for friends and family to stay connected with each other and their parishes, ministries and organizations. It's also a great way to make new friends with other Orthodox Christians around the world and to stay informed about events and news."
  • - This site has gone offline. Let me know if someone wants to revive this!

There are also some for just singles, but none for an Orthodox dating service, similar to

Instant messaging

There are several forms of instant messaging available to communicate with others online.

Internet Relay Chat (IRC)



Electronic Mailing Lists

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