June 9

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St. Columba of Iona

Saint Cyril, Archbishop of Alexandria; Pelagia and the three Virgin Martyrs of Chios; Saint Cyril, Abbot of White Lake (Byelozersk); Venerable Columba of Iona, Enlightener of Scotland; Saint Alexander, Abbot of Kushta (Vologda); five nuns beheaded in Persia: Martyrs Thekla, Mariamne, Martha, Mary, and Enmatha; Righteous Cyril of Velsk or Vazhesk (Vologda); Hieromartyr Alexander of Prussa; Martyr Ananias; Saint Cyril, monk; Saint Baithene, Abbot of Iona; Saint John Shavteli of Salosi, Georgia (see also April 1); Martyrs Priscos and Felician of Nomentum; repose of Hieromonk Vitaly of Valaam; Saint Alexey Mechev of Moscow