Jonah (Karpukhin) of Astrakhan and Kamyzyak

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His Eminence Metropolitan Jonah (Karpukhin) of Astrakhan and Kamyzyak is the ruling bishop of the Metropolia of Astrakhan, which is one of the constituent metropolias of the Russian Orthodox Church in southern Russia.


The future Metropolitan Jonah was born Yuriy Alekseyevich Karpukhin on June 13, 1941, in Moscow. After graduating from secondary school in 1959 he entered the Moscow Theological Seminary, studying there for 4 years before moving up to the Moscow Theological Academy, from which he graduated in 1967. Prior to completing his studies at the Academy Yuriy was tonsured a monk at the Sergiev Posad Lavra and ordained a deacon. In May 1968 Hierodeacon Jonah was ordained to the priesthood, serving in various capacities at the Moscow Theological Academy.

In October 1981 Hieromonk Jonah was elevated to the rank of archimandrite. Eleven years later in 1992 the fall session of the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church elected Fr. Jonah ruling bishop of the Eparchy of Astrakhan as Bishop of Astrakhan and Enotaevka. On October 25, 1992, Bishop-elect Jonah was consecrated to the episcopacy. In February 2002 Bishop Jonah was elevated to the rank of archbishop.

In March 2013 the Holy Synod divided the Astrakhan Eparchy into two, establishing the Eparchy of Akhtubinsk in the northern districts of the Astrakhan region and reestablishing the Astrakhan Eparchy as a metropolia with Archbishop Jonah as its metropolitan, amending his title to be 'of Astrakhan and Kamyzyak.'

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