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John X (Camateros) of Constantinople

John X (Camateros) of Constantinople was the patriarch of Constantinople from 1198 to 1206. John X was patriarch during the reign of the ineffective emperor Alexios III Angelos.

Patr. John X was the uncle of the empress Euphrosyne, the wife of emperor Alexios III.

He fled to Thrace in 1203 with the deposed emperor Alexios III who had abandoned the city before the Latins captured Constantinople during the Fourth Crusade in 1204. In 1206, Theodore I Laskaris invited him to Nicea where Theodore founded the Byzantine successor state of the Empire of Nicea, but John died later in the same year. During the time that Crusaders occupied the city they installed a Latin Patriarch in Constantinople while Theodore moved the Orthodox Patriarchate to Nicea. The Patriarchate eventually was restored in Constantinople with the rest of the Empire in 1261 after the Latins were driven out.

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John X (Camateros) of Constantinople
Preceded by:
George II Xiphilinos
Patriarch of Constantinople
Succeeded by:
Michael IV Autoreianos
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