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Our father among the saints John Scholasticus or John III of Constantinople was Patriarch of Constantinople from 565 to 577. He is commemorated by the Church on February 21.


St. John Scholasticus was born c. 503 in Sirimion near Antioch, and studied law. He was ordained a priest because of his great holiness and piety. He was a renowned theologian and ecclesiastical jurist. As a priest, St. John compiled a systematic collection of Church rules in 50 topical chapters, and later during his time as patriarch he made a codex of civil laws relating to the Church. From these collections St. Photius the Great compiled A Collection of Ecclesiastical and Civil Laws also called the Nomocanon, which means "canon law", the ecclesiastical law used in Church administration.

St. John also composed the "Cherubic Hymn," and "Of Thy Mystical Supper."

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John Scholasticus
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