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The Theophany of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (Baptism of the Lord, one of the Great Feasts of the Orthodox Church) - Cross Procession with Great Blessing of Waters outdoors; Venerable Evagrius, of Nitria (415); Venerable-martyr George the Persian (615); Martyrs of North-West Africa, burnt at the stake under Septimius Severus (ca.210); Virgin-martyr Macra, from Rheims in France, martyred in Fismes in Champagne, under the governor Rictiovarus (287); Martyr Anastasius, a martyr in Syrmium in Pannonia, now Hungary (4th c.); Martyrs Anastasius, Jucundus, Florus, Florianus, Peter, Ratites, Tatia and Tilis, in Syrmium in Pannonia, now Hungary (4th c.); Saint Hywyn, probably a companion of St Cadfan, by tradition he founded Aberdaron in Gwynedd (516); Saint Melanius (Melaine), born in Brittany, he was Bishop of Rennes and succeeded in overcoming idolatry in his diocese (ca.535); Saint Edeyrn (Eternus), born in Britain, he was hermit and the patron saint of a church in Brittany (6th c.); Saint Eigrad (Eugrad), a brother of St. Samson, he was a disciple of St Illtyd and founded a church in Anglesey in Wales (6th c.); Saint Schotin (Scarthin), a disciple of St David in Wales, lived as a hermit on Mt Mairge in Leix (County Laois) for many years (6th c.); Saint Merinus (Mirren of Benchor), a disciple of Dunawd at Bangor in Wales and venerated there and in Brittany (6th c.); Saint Peter of Canterbury, a monk from St Andrew's in Rome, he was one of the first missionaries sent to England (ca.607); Saint Diman (Dimas, Dima), a monk with St Columba and afterwards Bishop of Connor in Ireland (658); Venerable Wiltrudis, founded the convent of Bergen near Neuburg in Germany (ca.976) and herself became a nun and the first Abbess (986); Saint Frederick of Arras, a monk at St Vanne and later St Vedast Abbey in Arras (1020); Martyr Assad the tailor (1218); New Hieromartyr Romanus, priest of Lacedemonia, at Constantinople, by the sword (1695); Saint Theophan the Recluse, Bishop of Tambov (1894); Saint Laurence of Chernigov Convent, Wonderworker (1950); New Hieromartyr Archpriest Andrew Zimin, his wife Lydia, his mother-in-law Domnica, his two daughters and his servant Maria, of Ussurisk, Siberia (1919); Other commemorations: Repose of Schemamonk Nicholas of Valaam (1824); Repose of Schemamonk Sergius (Yanovsky) (1876), disciple of St. Herman of Alaska.