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Afterfeast of the Theophany of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (Serbian Calendar: Apodosis of the Theophany); Martyr Peter of Anium, at Hierapolis (Peter Apselamus at Eleutheropolis) (ca.309) - (see also January 12 and October 14); Martyrs Hermylus the Deacon and Stratonicus, at Belgrade (315); Martyr Athanasius; Martyrs Pachomius and Papyrinus, by drowning; Saint Jacob of Nisibis, Bishop of Nisibis, the "Moses of Mesopotamia" (ca.350); Saint Potitus, a boy venerated as a martyr near Naples (ca.138-161); Saint Andrew of Trier, twelfth Bishop of Trier (235); Forty soldier-martyrs of Rome, who suffered on the Via Lavicana, under Gallienus (262); Saint Agricius of Trier, Bishop of Trier who took part in the Council of Arles in 314 (ca.333); Saint Hilary (Hilary of Pictavium), Bishop of Poitiers (368); Saint Viventius, an eastern priest who travelled to the West, attached himself to St Hilary of Poitiers, and ended his life as a hermit (ca.400); Saint Erbin of Dumnonia (Ervan, Erbyn, Erme), King of Dumnonia and a saint of Wales (ca.480); Saint Remigius of Rheims, Apostle to the Franks (437–533) and Bishop of Rheims from 459 (533); Saint Elian (Eilan, Allan), Missionary to Cornwall, England (6th c.) - (see also January 12 - Greek); Saint Kentigern, Bishop of Glasgow, Apostle of the Brythonic Kingdom of Strathclyde (614) - (see also January 14 - Russian); Saint Enogatus, fifth successor of St Malo as Bishop of Aleth in Brittany (631); Martyrs Gumesindus and Servusdei, one a parish-priest, the other a monk, in Cordoba in Spain under Abderrahman II (852); Saint Berno of Cluny, first Abbot of Cluny and initiator of the Cluniac reforms which spread across Europe (927); Righteous Maximus of Kavsokalyvia, Mount Athos (1354); Saint Irenarchus the Recluse, of Rostov (1616); Venerable Eleazar of Anzersk Island at Solovki (1656); Other Commemorations: Consecration of the Monastery of the Prophet Elias - the so-called "Monastery of the Deep Stream" - in Triglia, Bithynia (10th c.).