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'''Isabel Florence Hapgood''' was the compiler and translator of the ''Service Book of the Holy Orthodox-Catholic (Greco-Russian) Church'' which has been described as "a noble and Christian gift indispensable to the understanding of the teachings of the Orthodox-Catholic Apostolic Church" (History of Russian Church Music, N. P. Brill).
==External Links==
*[http://justus.anglican.org/resources/pc/women/hapgood/ledkovsky.pdf A Linguistic Bridge to Orthodoxy: In Memoriam Isabel Florence Hapgood] - by Marina Ledkovsky. A lecture delivered at the Twelfth Annual Russian Orthodox Musicians Conference, October 7-11 1998, Washington, D.C. (PDF)
*[http://www.roca.org/OA/135/135q.htm Isabel Hapgood] - by Fr. Alexey Young (a brief biography)
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