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The Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies, Cambridge, UK

The Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies is the Orthodox house of theological studies in the ancient university city of Cambridge, England. It is a full member of the Cambridge Theological Federation and thus an Allied Institution of the University of Cambridge and a Regional Partner of Anglia Ruskin University.

The Institute was founded in 1999 with the blessing of all Orthodox hierarchs in Western Europe. IOCS rejoices in having among its guest lecturers and supporters such illustrious teachers as Metropolitan Kallistos of Diocleia, Metropolitan John Zizioulas, Fr Thomas Hopko, Fr. Prof. Andrew Louth, Fr Ephrem Lash, Archimandrites Symeon and Zacharias of St John the Baptist's Monastery (Essex), and the late Metropolitan Antony of Sourozh.

The Institute serves the Orthodox Church as a whole and is governed by a Board of Directors with representatives from the various Orthodox Churches in Great Britain. Because it is pan-Orthodox, linked to a major international university, and contains both lay and ordained people, the Institute can serve the Orthodox Church in a unique way. Many people were involved in bringing the Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies into existence and many others have assisted at various stages of the Institute's development: The Institute's first Principal, Fr John Jillions, the current Principal, Professor David Frost, the Academic Director, Dr Marcus Plested, the Director of Distance Learning, Dr. Constantinos Athanasopoulos, FHEA, and all the current and past staff.

Currently offered programmes of academic study in Orthodox Theology include:

On Campus: (Wesley House, Cambridge): Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology, Batchelor of Arts (Hons) in Christian Theology.

Distance Learning: IOCS Certificate in Orthodox Theology via Distance Learning (all studies with on line distance learning methodology). There are plans for a Diploma in Orthodox Theology via Distance Learning.

IOCS offers a wealth of on line resources via its Public Access Video Streaming Website: Interviews and Lectures (for example with Professor Tristram Engelhardt and Fr John Breck), Hierarchical Services, Concerts etc. all reachable via the Distance Learning Portal:

IOCS main website: