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Major orders
Bishop - Priest - Deacon
Minor orders
Subdeacon - Reader
Cantor - Acolyte
Other orders
Chorepiscopos - Exorcist
Doorkeeper - Deaconess - Presbytide
Episcopal titles
Patriarch - Catholicos
Archbishop - Metropolitan
Auxiliary - Titular
Priestly titles
Archimandrite - Protopresbyter
Archpriest - Protosyngellos
Diaconal titles
Archdeacon - Protodeacon
Minor titles
Protopsaltes - Lampadarios
Monastic titles
Abbot - Igumen
Ordination - Vestments
Presbeia - Honorifics
Clergy awards - Exarch
Proistamenos - Vicar
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An honorific is a word or expression that is a manner of address, which conveys esteem or respect, and is used in addressing or referring to a person. These honorific titles are somewhat of a cross between a title of authority, given to those in a position of authority in the church, and a title of honor, given to one because of their service in the church. Honorifics are usually placed immediately before or after the name of the subject.

In general, when referring to a hierarch, indirect address is used (e.g., His Holiness or Your Grace).


Patriarchs / Primates

You may also see The Most Blessed Beatitude. Names are sometimes hyphenated, e.g. All-Holiness.


  • His Eminence or The Most Reverend (abbreviation for latter The Most Rev., oral address Your Eminence)
    • Metropolitan or Titular Metropolitan
    • Archbishop
Note: Some jurisdictions use His Excellency (oral address Your Excellency)


  • His Grace or The Right Reverend (abbreviation for latter The Rt. Rev., oral address Your Grace)


  • The Very Reverend Father (abbreviation The Very Rev. Fr., oral address Father)
    • Archpriest
    • Archimandrite
    • Dean
  • The Reverend Father (abbreviation The Rev. Fr., or, occasionally, The Rev'd., oral address Father)


  • Also see Presbytera for honorific names for the wives of clergy members.
  • The Reverend Doctor (abbreviation The Rev. Dr., oral address Father or Doctor) is also used for priests with a doctorate or medical degree.


  • The Reverend Father (abbreviation The Rev. Fr., or, occasionally, The Rev'd., oral address Father)
  • The Reverend Mother (abbreviation The Rev. Mo., oral address Mother)
    • Abbess
  • Monk - Brother/Father
  • Nun - Sister/Mother


  • Deacon - The Reverend Deacon or Reverend Father "or" Father (Greek) "or" Father Deacon (Slavic)
  • Deaconess - The Reverend Deaconess or Mother Deaconess or Diakónissa

Minor orders


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