Hilarion of Meglin

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'Hilarionos' Episcopate of Μογλενών (Mo-glen-On) was born in the village of Promahi (Edessa, Greece) around 1080-1090 and is commemorated by the Church October 21 along with other saint of the same name on the same day.

His parents, were of Greek origin, extremally pious yet barren. After years of unceasing prayers and litanies, one night the Virgin Mary appeared to his mother and promised her that she would give birth to a son who would take many people from the depths of deceit and return them to the light of the knowledge of God.

At the age of 18, Hilarion joined a local monastery and was tonsured a monk. He lived in such great asceticism that later on in life, he worked many miracles and his fame spread throughout the area. At some stage, just as the the Virgin Mary appeared to his mother, she also appeared to the Archbishop Αχρίδας Ευστάθιο, and announced to him that the saint would be placed shortly as the leader of the church of the Μογλενών. It was not long after this vision, that the prophecy of the Virgin Mary was fulfilled.

His episcopal seat is famed to be the area where the village is today called Hrisi (Greek: Χρυσή) in Greece. This area was full of Armenian and Βογόμιλους monophysites. Through his teaching and discussions, he managed to convert many of the monophysites back to the church.

He is also famous for establishing a monastery in the area dedicated to the Apostles. The synaxarion does not distinguish if this was the Holy 12 Apostles or merely the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul. This clarification has been found through archaeological artifacts dating to the 13th century.


This page has been loosely translated from the following page: www.promahi.gr/moni_agiou_ilariona_GR.html