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Uploads are accomplished on Orthodox Wiki by using the toolbox link: Upload file. This will take you to the Upload file page on the Orthodox Wiki Commons site. Read the information at the top of that page and then fill out the form at the bottom. Submit the form by clicking the "Upload file" button. (You may need to navigate back to Orthodox Wiki from Orthodox Wiki Commons when you are done.)

Uploaded files are usually image files that an Orthodox Wiki contributor plans to include in an article, but other file types are sometimes uploaded too.

Orthodox Wiki Commons is the best place for uploads, because all the localized sites, as well as Orthodox Source can access the Commons site.

Uploading directly to Orthodox Wiki and Orthodox Source

Only the mainstream image types .jpg, .gif, and .png are accepted as uploads on Orthodox Wiki. If you have a good reason to upload a different filetype, please ask User:FrJohn. A much wider ranger of filetypes in accepted on Orthodox Source - please see osource:Help:Filetypes for details.