Gregory VI of Constantinople

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Gregory VI, Patriarch of Constantinople

His All-Holiness Gregory VI (Fourtouniadis) was the Patriarch of Constantinople for two periods, from 1835 to 1840 and from 1867 to 1871. He was noted to be very pious and moral, but stubborn in his ideas.


George Fourtouniadis was born on March 1, 1798 in the village of Lantern on the Bosporus. In 1815, George was ordained deacon in the Diocese of Derka, and given the name Gregory. In 1825, he was appointed archdeacon to Patriarch Chrysanthus of Constantinople. In 1825, Dcn. Gregory was ordained to the priesthood, and then appointed protosyngelos, before his election and consecration to the see of Pelagonia as Metropolitan of Pelagonia. In August 1833, Metr. Gregory was elected Metropolitan of Serres.

On September 26, 1835, Metr. Gregory was elected Ecumenical Patriarch. During his patriarchate he followed traditional Orthodox positions in regard marriage, education of monks, and doctrinal differences with Roman Catholic and Protestant officials. He forbade burials within churches and initiated the translation of the Scriptures into a modern form of the language. His first patriarchate ended on February 20, 1840 when he was deposed by Sultan Abdul Metzit IV.

After the resignation of Patriarch Sophronius III in 1866, Patr. Gregory was restored as Ecumenical Patriarch on February 10, 1867. On February 28, 1870, a Ferman was issued by the Ottoman Sultan establishing the Bulgarian Exarchate over the opposition of the Ecumenical Patriarchate. Patr. Gregory resigned as patriarch on June 10, 1871.

Patr. Gregory reposed on June 8, 1881 and was buried in the courtyard of the Church of Archangels. His relics were translated in 1906.

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Gregory VI of Constantinople

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Metropolitan of Pelagonia
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Anthimos III
Metropolitan of Serres
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Iakovos of Kassandreia

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Constantius II
Patriarch of Constantinople
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Anthimus IV

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Sophronius III
Patriarch of Constantinople
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Anthimus VI
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