Germanus II of Constantinople

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His All Holiness Germanus II of Constantinople was Patriarch of Constantinople from 1222 to 1240. He occupied the see of Constantinople at the time during the thirteenth century that the Church of Bulgaria regained autocephaly as a patriarchate in communion with the Eastern Patriarchates.

Prior to the Crusaders sacking of Constantinople in 1204 Germanus was a [[deacon] at the church of Hagia Sophia. Following this he retired to a monastery.

In 1235, Patriarch Germanus II convened a council in Lampsakos on the Hellespont that included Eastern Patriarchs, dignitaries from the Greek and Bulgarian churches, abbots from a number of monasteries including from Mount Athos. The Council confirmed the autocephalous status and Patriarchal dignity of the Church of Bulgaria and consecrated the Bulgarian Archbishop German as Patriarch with his see at Tarnovo.

He was a fierce critic of the errors of the Catholic Church and authored a number of anti-Catholic treatises. However, sought rapproachment with Rome and made some efforts towards reconciliation.

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Germanus II of Constantinople
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Manuel I Charitopoulos
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Methodius II
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