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Gerasimus II of Alexandria was the Patriarch of the Church of Alexandria from 1688 to 1710. Little is known of his early life nor his patriarchate.

Patriarch Gerasimus II was installed as patriarch of Alexandria on November 3, 1688 and left the office on January 10, 1700.

One incident related to Gerasimus concerned the wonderworking Kykkos icon of Mother of God "Merciful" of Cyprus. A feature of the icon is that no one can see the original, as it is kept under a covering. In 1699, Patr. Gerasimus was the last person who removed the covering and was punished. Only after he offered a prayer to the Mother of God was his wrongdoing forgiven.

Patr. Gerasimus reposed in 1714.

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Gerasimus II (Palladas) of Alexandria
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