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Gennadios (Zervos) of Italy and Malta

Metropolitan Gennadios (Zervos), is primate of the Metropolis of Italy, a diocese of the Ecumenical Patriarchate covering Italy, Malta, and San Marino.


Gennadios (Zervos) was born Tsampicos Zervos on the Island of Rhodes on July 8, 1937. After receiving his basic education on Rhodes he attended the Ecclesiastical School of Patmos, before attending the Theological School of Halki, graduating in 1961 with a degree in Orthodox theology.

Prior to graduating from Halki, Tsampicos took monastic vows, taking the name Gennadios, and was ordained a deacon on April 16,1960. On April 28, 1963, Gennadios was ordained a priest. On February 12, 1967, Fr. Gennadios was named General Vicar by the Metropolitan of the Archdiocese of Austria and of the Exarchate of Italy. Later in the year, on April 14, the Ecumenical Patriarch Athenagoras appointed Fr. Gennadios as the Archimandrite of the Ecumenical Throne.

During the period 1961 to 1996, Fr. Gennadios served at the Ss Peter and Paul Church of the Greek Orthodox Brotherhood of Naples from which he visited the Orthodox youth in the universities of Italy, celebrating liturgies and preaching. Additionally, he continued at the University of Naples, studying Sociology and Psychology before continuing studies at the Pontifical Theological Faculty of Southern Italy from which he was granted a Doctorate in Theology. His dissertation was titled The Contribution of the Ecumenical Patriarchate for the Unity of the Christians.

On November 26, 1970, Fr. Gennadios was elected Bishop of Krateia, with his seat in Naples. This event was significant in that it was the first time an Orthodox bishop was resident in Italy since the schism of 1054. Having distinguished himself for his pastoral services in Italy, Bp. Gennadios was presented the Medal of Commander of the Italian Republic, a first for an Orthodox prelate. He also taught for ten years patristic theology at the Theological University Institute of San Nicola di Bari. He is fluent in Greek, Latin, Italian, and Spanish.

Among his duties, Bp. Gennadios represented the Ecumenical Patriarchate and the Archdioceses of Austria and Italy in various conferences, meetings, and official functions, including accompanying the translation of the relics of St. Demetrios from Italy to Thessalonika. It was at this occasion he was honored with the Gold Cross of St. Demetrios. Among other honors, Bp. Gennadios was presented a Gold Medal by the Commune of Rhodes for his guidance in Italy of the many students from Rhodes, the Dodecaneso, and other parts of Greece.

On August 26, 1996, Bp. Gennadios was elected Metropolitan Archbishop of Italy. He was enthroned on October 27, 1996.

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Gennadios (Zervos) of Italy and Malta
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