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Our Father among saints Gavrilo (Свети свештеномученик Гаврило српски) was Serbian Patriarch (1648-1655). He was born in Stari Vlah region in noble family. He was Metropolitan of Smederevo until 1643. After this he is elected Metropoliten of Ras and Novi Pazar. He rebuilt Monastery of Saint Archangels near Kovilje mountine 1644. After Death of Patriarch Pajsije November 3/13, 1647 Gavrilo was elected Patriarch on Synod in Morača Monastery before Ascension 1648. He paid a large tribute same as others Patriarchs 100000 akchas. He visited Constantionople in order to gain protection for his flock. When he visited Stari Vlah he met russian nobleman Ivan Vasiljevič Šujski. He gone for Russia to ask for material support. He met Metropoliten of Trebinje Arsenije on Christmas Eve and they gone first in Valachia in Tergoviste to tray to recociliate Valachian price Mathew Besarab and Cosak Hetman Bogdan Hmeljnicki. He came in Russia 1654. He brought two books for printing: "Lives of Serbian Emperors and Patriarchs" and "Typikon against Latin Heresy of Saint Nil Kabasilas" He was welcomed by Patriarch Nikon and Car Mihail. He also participed in famous Moscow Synod 1658 in wich Nikons, reform's were aproved. He wrote in Serbia to Metropolitans to elect New Patriarch. He came back in Serbia 1659. He was acused by Turkish Governmant that he was responsible for Russo-Turkish War and sentenceted to embrace Islam. After St. Gavrilo refused he was sentenced death. He died in Bursa July 18, 1659. He is entred in list of Serbian Saints. His Feast is July 18 ( July 31 in Gregorian Calendar)