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Evlogitaria, from the Greek eulogitaria, from eulogitos, "Blessed"; Slavonic: angelskij sobor. Troparia sung after the reading from the Psalter. The refrain repeated between the troparia is "Blessed art Thou, O Lord, teach me Thy statutes" (Psalm 118:12 LXX). There are two forms of the Evlogitaria:

1. The Evlogitaria of the Resurrection are sung at Sunday Matins after the Kathismata, Sessional Hymns, and the Polyeleos or Psalm 118 ("The Blameless") as appointed by the Typikon.

2. The Funeral Evlogitaria, sung at Matins for the Dead after Psalm 118, and also at Funerals, and Pannikhidas.[1]


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