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ESTIA Foundation is an initiative of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia.

ESTIA provides 24-hour respite care for young adults with physical and intellectual disabilities. The respite houses at Gladesville and Roselands have been designed and furnished so that they are a home away from home. The service is available to people of all nationalities and denominations who reside in Sydney, pending an interview and assessment process. Each house has the capacity to cater for five clients and a sixth bed is available for crisis situations. Full-time cooks prepares delicious and nutritious meals for our clients. ESTIA'S respite houses service 100 families per year.

ESTIA operates a weekend daycare program providing outings and activities that include music, dancing, art and craft, attending sporting activities, and shopping. This particular service offered by Estia is funded purely by donations and fundraising.

ESTIA has recently achieved another major milestone, with the commencement of a third service, which provides Permanent Accomodation for certain individuals. This service has arisen out of the need for ageing and concerned parents/carers to feel confident that their charges will be well cared for on a permanent basis.

ESTIA is basically funded by the State Government of New South Wales, a state of Australia. In its four years of operation, ESTIA has been recognised and acknowledged by Government departments, peer organisations and families in the community for its high standard of care and facilities. To enable Estia to continue the high standard of service achieved, we rely heavily on fundraising and donations.

Some of Estia's milestones:

29 November 1994 His Eminence Archbishop Stylianos announces the establishment of the Estia Foundation

13 July 1995 Incorporation of the Estia Foundation of Australia

23 November 1996 Visit by the Ecumenical Patriarche Bartholomeos 1st, preceding the announcement of recurrent funding by Premier Bob Carr for "St Andrew's Respite House"

20 April 1997 The opening of "St Andrew's House" in Gladesville

14 April 2002 The opening of "Elpida House" in Roselands

1 December 2003 Commencement of Permanent Accomodation Service

ESTIA'S MISSION STATEMENT: To improve the opportunities for people with disabilities; to meaningfully integrate and participate in the life of the community and to provide the assistance and support that such people, their families and carers, may individually require to achieve this outcome.