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(A profile of the Russian Orthodox Eparchy of Akhtubinsk.)
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Russian Orthodox Eparchy of Akhtubinsk
Jurisdiction Rus'
Diocese type Diocese
Founded 2013
Current bishop Anthony (Azizov) of Akhtubinsk and Enotaevka
See(s) Akhtubinsk, Russia
Headquarters Akhtubinsk, Russia
Territory Akhtubinsk, Chyorny Yar, Enotaevka, Krasnoyarsk, Narimanov, Kharabali, Znamensk
Liturgical language(s) Slavonic
Musical tradition Russian Chant
Calendar Julian
Population estimate unknown
Official website Official website

The Eparchy of Akhtubinsk is a diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church with jurisdiction over the Akhtubinsk, Chyorny Yar, Enotaevka, Krasnoyarsk, Narimanov, Kharabali, and Znamensk districts of the Russian region of Astrakhan.


The Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church established the Akhtubinsk Eparchy on the northern territories of the Eparchy of Astrakhan at its spring session in March 2013. The Astrakhan Eparchy was consequently elevated to become a metropolia, with the Eparchy of Akhtubinsk forming part of the new metropolia. In May 2013 Archimandrite Anthony (Azizov), a cleric of the Monastery of St. John the Baptist in Astrakhan, was consecrated to the episcopacy as ruling Bishop of Akhtubinsk and Enotaevka.

Eparchy today

The Eparchy today includes 31 parishes and 1 monastery, with its seat at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Vladimir in Akhtubinsk.


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