District of the Phanar and the Keratius gulf

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The District of Phanar - Keratius gulf (Haliç) is one of five districts of the Archdiocese of Constantinople within the jurisdiction of the Church of Constantinople of which the Patriarch of Constantinople is the ruling bishop. The district is within the territorial boundaries of the city of Istanbul. The bishop in charge of the district is His Grace Dionysios, Bishop of Synada.

List of Churches

The district consists of fourteen parishes (churches) including one Bulgarian parish.

  • Church of the Dormition of the Mother of God of Mouchlion
  • Church of St. Nicholas, Cibali
  • Church of St. George Potiras, Phanar
  • Church of St. George, Edirnekapı
  • Church of St. Demetrios,  Sarmaşık
  • Church of the Great Archangels, Balat,
  • Church of the Dormition of the Mother of God, Ayvansaray
  • Church of St. Demetrios, Ayvansaray
  • Church of the Holy Sanctuary of the Mother of God at Vlacherna
  • Church of the Mother of God of Heavens, Salmatobruk,
  • Church of the Mother of God, Tekfursaray
  • Church of the Mother of God, Suda, Eğrikapı
  • Church of St. Kyriakos (cemetery church)
  • Church of St. Stephen (Bulgarian parish)

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