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Diocese of Arusha

The Holy Diocese of Arusha and Central Tanzania is a diocese under the Archdiocese of Irinoupolis of the Patriarchate of Alexandria.


Eastern Orthodoxy first reached the region of Arusha in 1911 when the blessed Archmandrite Nikodemos Sarikas established a missionary center for German East Africa in that city. In 1958, the old Archdiocese of Irinoupolis was established, covering all East Africa. In 1999, the modern Archdiocese of Irinoupolis was established for Tanzania. The see of Arusha was finally established by a Patriarchal and Synodal Decree on November 17, 2016 by Patriarch Theodoros of Alexandria. The diocese covers missions in Arusha, Iringa and Morogoro regions aided by the patriarchates of Constantinople and Romania, as well as a clinic in Iringa and an ongoing construction of a monastery in that region.

Ruling bishop

  • Agathonikos (Nikolaidis) 2016–Present

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