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The Nativity of Christ
The 20,000 Martyrs of Nicomedia

Afterfeast of the Nativity of Christ; Apostle Nicanor the Deacon, one of the Seven Deacons, and one of the Seventy (34); Martyr Secundus, an Enlightener of Spain, sent by the Apostles to Spain to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ (1st c.); The 20,000 Martyrs of Nicomedia (302), including: Hieromartyr Glycerius the priest, Deacons Theophilus and Migdonius, Martyrs Zeno, Dorotheus, Mardonius, Indes, Gorgonius, Peter, and Euthymius, and Virgin-martyrs Agape, Domna (the former pagan priestess), Theophila, and others; Martyr Ploutodoros; Venerable Babylas of Tarsus in Cilicia; Venerable Stephen the Wonderworker; Martyrs Castor, Victor and Rogatian, in North Africa; Saint Domnio (Domnion), a righteous priest in Rome; Saint Romulus and Conindrus, two of the first people to preach Orthodoxy on the Isle of Man, contemporaries of St Patrick (ca.450); Saint Maughold (Maccaldus), sent by St. Patrick to the Isle of Man, where his episcopate was very fruitful (ca.488); Saint Antony of Lérins (Anthony the Hermit), renowned for miracles (ca.520); Saint Simon the Myrrh-gusher, founder of Simonopetra Monastery on Mount Athos (1287); Saint Ignatius, Monk of Loma (Vologda) (Ignatii of Lomsk and Yaroslavsk) (1591); Saint Cornelius, monk of Krypetsk Monastery (Pskov) (1903); Hieromonk St Pakhomij (Petin–1985); New Hieromartyr Nikodim (Kononov), Bishop of Belgorod, at Solovki (1918); New Hieromartyr Arcadius Reshetnikov, Deacon (1918); New Hieromartyr Alexander, Priest (1920); New Hieromartyrs Theoctistus, and Leonid, Priests (1937); New Hieromartyr Aretha, Priest (1938); Other Commemorations: Repose of Joseph the Hesychast (Romania) (1828).