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Cosmas I of Constantinople

Cosmas I was the Patriarch of Constantinople from 1075 to 1081. Patr. Cosmas was much revered but served during a period of contentious dynasties.

Patr. Cosmas was born in Syria at a date that is not known. He entered the monastic life in Jerusalem before traveling the Constantinople where he entered the Monastery of Chora. He was elected patriarch in 1075, succeeding John VIII.

In 1078, Patr. Cosmas crowned emperor Nikephoros III Botaneiates in the Cathedral of Hagia Sophia. Later, Patr. Cosmas used his influence to convince the emperor to resign as the emperor's popularity declined and he came under pressure to abdicate in favor of the Comneni family.

After the ascension of Alexius I Comnenos as emperor, the Comneni wanted Eustratius Garidas, a personal friend of the emperor's mother Anna Dalassena, as the patriarch. However, Patr. Cosmas refused to resign as patriarch until he personally crowned as Augusta Irene the wife of emperor Alexius.

In 1081, after Augusta Irene was crowned, Patr. Cosmas resigned and retired to the Monastery of Callias. The date of his repose is not known.

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Cosmas I of Constantinople
Preceded by:
Patriarch of Constantinople
Succeeded by:
Eustratius Garidas
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