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Cornelius of Novgorod

As the ruling hierarch of Kazan of the Church of Russia, Metropolitan Cornelius II of Kazan and Sviyazhsk served from 1673 to 1674. Then as Cornelius of Novgorod he served as Metropolitan of Novgorod from 1674 to 1694. Metr. Cornelius did not reside in Kazan while he was the hierarch of Kazan.


Cosmas, his baptismal name, was born into a boyar family in Moscow at a date that is not known. Cosmas was tonsured a monk with the name Cornelius (Kornily) at Zelenetsky Monastery, where he was later ordained to the Holy Orders. Fr. Cornelius was raised to the dignity of archimandrite at Tikhvinsky Monastery in the Autumn of 1665. On March 10, 1668, he was appointed abbot of Tikhvinsky Monastery.

On March 16, 1673, Archim. Cornelius was consecrated Bishop of Kazan and Sviyazhsk, with the rank of metropolitan. However, Metr. Cornelius chose to remain in Moscow and not physically occupy his see in Kazan. On July 26, 1674, Metr. Cornelius led the consecration rite for the enthronement of Archbishop of Novgorod Joachim as Patriarch of All Russia.

Less than two weeks later on August 6, 1674, Metr. Cornelius was appointed to the see of Novgorod. He served as Metropolitan of Novgorod for the next twenty years. When the disgraced former Patriarch Nikon reposed in 1681, Metr. Cornelius convinced Tsar Theodore Alexeevich to bury Nikon in proper episcopal order.

On March 3, 1695, Metr. Cornelius retired to Zelenetsky Monastery. During the next three years he remained in his cell, keeping absolute silence and thinking only of God while preparing himself for the judgment of God. His last words before he died were, “Peace and blessing of God with you.” On February 26, 1698, God gave him a Christian death. Metr. Cornelius was buried near the tomb of the Venerable Martiry at the monastery, a person of whom Cornelius wrote his life.

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Cornelius of Novgorod
Preceded by:
Laurence II
Metropolitan of Kazan
Succeeded by:
Preceded by:
Joachim (Savelov)
Metropolitan of Novgorod
Succeeded by:
Efim III
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