Cornelius I of Kazan

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Metropolitan Cornelius I of Kazan was the ruling bishop of the Diocese of Kazan of the Church of Russia from 1650 to 1655.


Little is known of the early life of Metr. Cornelius. From 1647 to 1649, he was the abbot of Makariev Zheltovodsky Monastery. In February 1649, he was transferred to Epiphany Monastery in Moscow. On January 13, 1640, Abbot Cornelius was consecrated bishop of Kazan and Sviyazhsk with the title of Metropolitan of Kazan.

Metr. Cornelius took part in the councils involved in correcting the liturgical texts that were on-going in Moscow at the time. On August 1, 1652, he also participated in the election of Metr. Nikon of Novgorod as Patriarch of Moscow.

During 1654 an epidemic of plague raged throughout the Volga River basin, causing many deaths. While sleeping, an apparition of the Mother of God appeared to the pious nun Martha directing that the Most Holy Theotokos of Smolensk miracle working icon of ‘’Of Seven Lakes’’ should be carried from the Seven Lakes Hermitage of the Mother of God to Kazan. On the day of the procession the icon was given a solemn reception by Metr. Cornelius, the clergy and lay people in a cross-carrying procession. After the procession ended, and while the icon was in Kazan, the plague waned and then ceased.

Metr. Cornelius reposed on August 17, 1655 and was buried at the cathedral of Kazan.

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Cornelius I of Kazan
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