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The holy father Athanasios Parios eminent Theologian, philosopher, educator, Hymnographer, and author of the Lives of various Saints, was born around the year 1722 in Kostos, a small village of Paros, one of the Cyclades Islands of the southern Aegean Sea. There he received instruction in the "common letters." Desiring higher education, he left his parents and his native place and went to Smyrna, to study at the splendid Greek school of that city. The school was founded in 1717, and was later named the Evangeliki School, and became famous. He resided in Smyrna during a period of six years, diligently applying himself to all the subjects that were taught there.

Written Works of St. Athanasius Parios

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  • Apologetics
    • St. Gregory Palamas and Antipapas

Suggested Reading

  • SAINT ATHANASIOS PARIOS (MODERN ORTHODOX SAINTS, VOL. 15) by Constantine Cavarnos. St. Athanasios of Paros, together with St. Macarios of Corinth and St. Nicodemos the Hagiorite were the three great spiritual leaders of the 18th century in Greece and leaders of the "Kollyvades Movement." The is the first English-language life of St. Athanasios, theologian, hymnographer, writer of lives of saints and philosopher. Also contains reviews and selected passages from his writings, and a brief account of the life of St. Macarios of Corinth. 170pp