Arsenius III (Carnojevic) of Pec

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Arsenije III Crnojević (Аесеније III Црнојевић) was patriarch of Peć (1672-1691). He was one of most significant figures of Serbian National and Church History. He was also first autonomus Metropoliten of Serbian people in Austro-Hungary (1690-1706). He is born in Cetinje, probabley 1633. He was member of one minor branch of famous Crnojevići noble family. In past his surname was writen and prononced Čarnojević, but it is on russism.

Early life

Arsenije came in Peć as a boy and later was tonsured and ordained priest deacon and priest. In his early years he was elected archimandrite of Peć Monastery 1665. When Patriarch Maksim suffered stroke, Arsenije Archmandrite of Peć Monastery was elected for Metropolitan of Hvosno and coadjutor of Patriarch. He is consecrated bishop by metropolitans of sentence patriarchal synod on the Feast of the Ascension,1669. Same year he visited Dečani Monastery in the patriarch's name. When it was clear that Patriarch condition won't be better, Arsenije was elected Patriarch 1672, probabley between Easter and Ascension.


Next year new Patriarch visited Serbs in Caostlands, who were under Venice. He met Roman Catholic archbishop of Bar Andrija Zmajević, who was Serb, in order to contact with european powers for protection for Christians under Turkish rule. He also visited his flock Bosnia 1674, in Braničevo and Srem 1676. Next zear he was in Žiča Monastery, than Braničevo, again, He also visited Smederevo 1680. All this visitations were in order to gave Serbian people spuritual support. In 1682 Arsenije decided to make pilgrimage to Jerusalem. Before leaving he visited Metropolitan of Skoplje Teofan and bishop Ananija of Karatovo.

When he arrived in Jerusalem Arsenije was guest of famous Patriarch of Jerusalem Dositeus Notarios (1669-1707). When he was in Holy Land Arsenije was writing diary.

After arriving home he found his people in the midle of [[Turkish War]. He was forced to leave Peć because Turks tried to kill him. He came back after Austrians captured Peć. Under great presure of Austrians he was forced to call all Serbs to joined Astrian army . Abot 20000 serbs joined Austrian army