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The '''Archieratikon''' (Slavonic: '''''Chinovnik''''') has the same function as the [[Hieratikon]], but is intended for use by [[bishop]]s performing the services and contains directions for all the peculiarities of hierarchical services. Besides the order of the Vigil and the three liturgies, it contains the orders for the [[ordination]] or [[tonsure|tonsuring]] to various ecclesiastical ranks and the order of the consecration of the [[antimins]].
There is no complete text in English that has yet been published of this type, though the material in this text can be found in a variety of other sources.
== Sources ==
*[http://www.holytrinitymission.org/books/english/liturgics_averky_e.htm#_Toc104768017 Liturgics, by Archbishop Averky]

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