Anthony II (Kauleas) of Constantinople

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Our father among the saints Anthony II Kauleas (Greek: Αντώνιος Β΄ Καυλέας) was the Patriarch of Constantinople from 893 to 901. His feast day is February 12.


Antony was born in 829 near Constantinople into a noble family that had moved to the countryside near Constantinople from Phrygia to escape the persecution of the Iconoclasts. Anthony became a monk at a monastery in Constantinople when he was 12 years old. He, later, entered the Holy Orders and eventually became the abbot of the monastery. After the restoration of Patr. Ignastius in 867, Antony contributed to the reconciliation between the supporters of Patrs. Photius I and Ignatius, both of whom were pursuing the same policies. He came to the attention of Stylianos Zaoutzes, the powerful minister of Eastern Roman Emperor Leo VI the Wise, who had ascended to the throne in 886. Anthony supported Leo against Patr. Photius when Leo replaced Photius with younger Leo's brother Stephen I. Upon the death of Patr. Stephen I, Anthony was appointed by Leo as patriarch of Constantinople in 893.

Patr. Anthony II was a pious man who generously endowed monastic foundations and founded or re-founded the Kaulea monastery with the support of the emperor.

Patr. Anthony reposed in peace on February 12, 901 in Constantinople and was buried in the church of his monastery. He was glorified a saint.


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Anthony II (Kauleas) of Constantinople
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