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My online name is taken from the Fathers' understanding of what it is to abide in God, as much as humanly possible. Abiding in the Uncreated Light is the goal of every Orthodox. And it certainly is my goal. My patron is St. Gregory Palamas. I cannot explain how, or why, but I think he was the one that led me to Holy Orthodoxy. Prayed me in, as it were.

St. Gregory Palamas


As with many converts, I go by my baptismal name as opposed to my legal name. Not only in church, but in the ebb and flow of the everyday.


I like to tease people by saying I was born on a mayonnaise farm. The truth: I am an affirmed Midwesterner, not at all afraid to seen elsewhere. Right now I'm living in Clackamas, Oregon. The berg is just south of Portland by geography, and on another planet in all other respects. Mind you, this is a good thing.


There was a time, in the late 1980s and early 1990s when I was an editor for Cornerstone Magazine. If it weren't for the proofreaders, it would be painfully clear that I type using crayons. That reality very well might make itself manifest in a few of these pages. I'm currently under probation over at where the poor souls there are letting me take a stab at correcting a few scanned pages of old translations of pre-schism Fathers. Pray for me, and for the patience and understanding of the good people at