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The Dogfather

I am a recent convert to Eastern Orthodoxy from Calvinism. My home is in Oklahoma City where I run my own computer support business. I specialize in the IBM AS400|AS400/iSeries, but also program in Visual Basic, Perl, PHP and do webpage and networking support. I'm old enough to have been called a hacker, before it became a pejorative term, and have been working with computers for over twenty years (my first computer was a Heathkit and my first programming language was Fortran). All in all, I think I liked computers better when I was the only guy I knew who had one.

I am married and have a daughter. My canine companion is Josie, a black Standard Poodle. She's a smart pooch and has her Canine Good Citizen certificate, AKC CD obedience title, and works as a therapy dog. We visit hospitals once or twice a month.

I am a voracious reader, and have interests in language, cultures, computers, theology, The Reformation, dog breeds and obedience training, and sporting clays. I am a veteran of the U.S. Navy and a student of Military History.