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I am the chair of the steering committee to open Orthodox Christian Preparatory Academy in Seattle, Washington. I attend Assumption GOC, and have been involved in education for over ten years, in both teaching and college guidance counseling. I'm really interested in the development of Orthodox schools in America, and am very interested in helping any parishes who would like to start schools. I've done a lot of research on the current status of Orthodox schools in the US, and have been able to locate 49 to date. I always welcome data of all sorts about these schools, such as schools in formation, schools that began but closed, and schools that are re-forming or changing scope.

Here's some interesting info (numbers rounded): according to the most recent study by the US Dept. of Education (2005), there are 96,000 public schools in the US and 28,000 private schools. Of the 28,000 private schools, 21,500 are religious. Of the 21,500 private-religious schools in the US: 12,600 are Protestant; 8,000 are Catholic; 800 are Jewish; 200 are Islamic; and 29 are Greek Orthodox. (I've been able to find 49 formal Orthodox schools total).

I am interested in the formation and maintenance of these schools, and pray that we Orthodox will continue to found them.