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I was a member of an Antiochian Orthodox, Western-rite parish that failed and then disbanded. I would like to write a pamphlet or handout of basic beliefs for inquirers, to encourage intrest in the Orthodox faith, and foster development of a new parish localy. But unfortunately, I find most of the material I want to cover in this pamphlet is missing from OrthodoxWiki, which should be my primary source of information here on the web, and also the first reference for finding outside reading material.

One example of the material I want to cover is already present on the general purpose, Wikipedia site, and just needs to be selected out, imported to a new location, and have it's original source acknowledged. Another example using Wikipedia as a source is an English translation of a very knowledgable Russian language article which should also be included on this site.

I know this is the long way to go trying to reach my original goal, but I hope that one way or another, I can spark an interest in learning about the Orthodox faith, and that will kindle a desire in the reader to come, "taste and see".